The West Australian Symphony Orchestra (WASO) is Western Australia’s largest and busiest performing arts company. Established in 1928, WASO is the state’s only professional orchestra, playing a central role in the cultural life of Western Australia. The Orchestra performs over 140 concerts each year with some of the world’s finest conductors and soloists to an audience in excess of 200,000.
WASO’s annual Symphony in the City in Perth attracts thousands of people. A large sign was built for display on-site at the esplanade, facing the traffic. Perth’s skyline mixed with orchestral instruments conveyed the event at a glance.
Various posters were installed around Perth to promote WASO concerts. These included at the Perth Concert Hall and the WASO box office. Pull-up banners were used on-site at events for promotion. 
WASO market their concerts across sponsor and ticketing websites, and their own. 
The Education Chamber Orchestra (EChO) of WASO caters for students to experience a concert and interact with orchestra members. A photographic image was shot and manipulated to convey a sense of frivolity for the kids.
A media release package is sent out annually from WASO. The graphics inside contain the style for the upcoming year. 
WASO hosts many outdoor concerts during the summer period. Passes allow access to various areas at the venues. Bright colours and clean type were utilised for easy recognition.
Artwork created while at WASO.
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