The West Australian Symphony Orchestra (WASO) is Western Australia’s largest and busiest performing arts company. Established in 1928, WASO is the state’s only professional orchestra, playing a central role in the cultural life of Western Australia. The Orchestra performs over 140 concerts each year with some of the world’s finest conductors and soloists to an audience in excess of 200,000.
WASO puts out a season brochure towards the end of every year which contains the following year’s concerts, events, bookings and general information. The brochure defines the style that permeates across all marketing collateral for that year, within its corporate brand. 
Building on the success of WASO’s audience getting to know their orchestra over the years, a concept showcasing the personal musical histories of selected musicians was devised. Orchestra members provided a photograph which was projected over them for the photo shoot. Coupled with the final image was a paragraph telling the story of their photo. The style of the brochure was contemporary and refined. A blend of clean space, brand colours and bright imagery was alluring to both a young and senior audience.
Artwork created while at WASO. Photography by Craig Kinder,
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