The West Australian Symphony Orchestra (WASO) is Western Australia’s largest and busiest performing arts company. Established in 1928, WASO is the state’s only professional orchestra, playing a central role in the cultural life of Western Australia. The Orchestra performs over 140 concerts each year with some of the world’s finest conductors and soloists to an audience in excess of 200,000.
Each of WASO’s concerts required marketing and advertising to sell tickets. Formats included magazine and newspaper ads, varieties of posters, direct mailouts and online. Artwork for each concert needed to work over multiple platforms.
A main goal of the advertising was to create contemporary artwork for both historic and new music. Imagery was developed using a variety of art techniques, including hand drawn and digital illustration, photography and Photoshop, typography and textures. The artwork varied and freshened up the feel of familiar works.
Artwork created while at WASO.
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