Located in the redeveloped Hawthorn Arts Centre, Town Hall Gallery is the peak public gallery space for the City of Boroondara. Spanning three gallery spaces, Town Hall Gallery features a diverse range of contemporary and innovative curated exhibitions, public programs and exhibits drawn from the Town Hall Gallery Collection. The collection celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the City of Boroondara and fosters a strong sense of community and shared history. 
Following the bold fluoro green branding for the re-opening of Town Hall Gallery in 2014, a follow up design was requested for their 2015 marketing collateral. 
Switching from an A2 poster to an A5 program allowed for more information to be shared with the audience including exhibitions, galleries, public programs and more. Retaining the green fluoro of the brand, the lines of green leaves from the logo were utilised as a design element throughout the collateral. Creating movement and flare the lines wrap around pages and over artworks. For every new catalogue or invite the lines are shifted and the selected cover artwork changed. Each exhibition is numbered and a decorative font weaves in amongst the lines.
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